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The contest is open to photographers from all over the world who want to submit a single project to publish as a fanzine. 


Zine Tonic team will curate the design and Grafiche dell'Artiere will operate the printing. 



Send a we-transfer to 

. max 20 low def jpg pictures nominated Name_Surname_project title 

. Text of the project 

. Short biography 


Application fee is €10, and it must be paid at the time of application by PayPal at



Get your fanzine published by Zine Tonic Edition



Special guest Paolo Verzone - photographer

Ilaria Crosta - Zine Tonic co-founder

Teodora Malavenda - independent curator

Francesco Levy - photographer, book designer

Niccolò Hébel -  Zine Tonic co-founder



Submissions must be done until  31 December 2020

The jury will deliberate around 15 January 2021


If you have any questions please contact us at


Award in partnership with Grafiche dell'Artiere


Printing well is an art form. For Grafiche dell’Artiere it is a vocation, our main objective for almost 40 years.

Founded in 1977 by Gianni and Patrizia Gamberini, Grafiche dell’Artiere has become a completely unique company amongst Italian printshops, thanks to its obsessive search for quality and new printing, paper and binding solutions. Grafiche dell’Artiere is a company built on a human scale, where each and every employee is driven by a great passion for printing. This means that every job, even the smallest, receives unrivalled attention and commitment, and is given the utmost care and attention right through to delivery. The work of Grafiche dell’Artiere is set apart by our strong sensitivity and attention towards colour, paper, media and custom processes:

the goal is to provide an efficient, complete service with exhaustive technical support, all strictly within the specified delivery times.

A full-service offering, from pre-press right through to printing and packaging.





Zine Tonic Award 2019 / 2020  with Ying Ang

Alisa Martynova - Nowhere Near


Zine Tonic Award 2018 / 2019 with Krzysztof Candrowicz 


Valentina Piccinni & Jean-Marc Caimi - The burning plain 


Zine Tonic Award 2017 / 2018 with Teodora Malavenda 


Tomaso Clavarino - Confiteor